About PSD International

PSD International is a social enterprise based in the UK, registered as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). PSD International is dedicated to using sport for the holistic development of young people across the world. Through our sports programmes, we engage with children and youth, especially girls and youth from marginalised and vulnerable communities, to build their soft skills, combat gender inequality and boost their potential.

PSD International works with those children and youth who are not able to readily access sport-based programmes and ensures that they are provided their right to play by facilitating their engagement in structured and goal-oriented interventions. Currently, PSD International is facilitating programmes in South Asia, with a particular focus on India. In the long term, our vision is to facilitate and support programmes and projects across the world, with a focus on the Global South, including in Africa and South-East Asia.

PSD International collaborates with organisations and institutions globally to facilitate the following core activities:

  • Sport for development programmes for children and youth
  • Training programmes and workshops for individuals and organisations who deliver sports programmes for children and youth
  • Tailored management and technical support services for organisations working with children and youth
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