Evaluation & Research

PSD International provides technical expertise in the areas of evaluation, monitoring and research within grassroots sport and development, with a particular focus of working with young people, especially girls. PSD International has undertaken research and scoping studies in South and South-East Asia, but intends to take this aspect of its work globally in order to assist grassroots organisations and projects in need of such expertise.


Impact of Sports on Socio-Emotional Development of Children in India

In December 2019, PSD International initiated a study to generate insights into the impact of children’s participation in the Community Sports Programme (CSP) based in Eastern India, on their emotional and social development. The aim of this study was to document, evaluate and understand ‘what works’ within sport for development programming for children and youth in India, in order to support the future replication of effective programming at scale. PSD International released an evaluation report based on this study in April 2021, which can be accessed below.

S4D Research Study in South & South-East Asia

PSD International conducted a research study to understand the scope of sport for development (S4D) programming part of the development agenda in different countries across South and South East Asia. The study, conducted in collaboration with PRIA International, learnt in-depth about the current S4D initiatives in different countries across these regions, the impact that these initiatives are having as well as key gaps and challenges faced by these S4D initiatives. In November 2020, PSD International released the findings of the scoping study in the form of a report, which can be accessed below.


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